About Us

Everything That Makes Us Unique

The Story

Once upon a wine, El Carajo was a humble gas station. Thirty years ago, the 1st generation Fonseca father and sons team joined forces to start a family business. The success of the business afforded Richard, one of the sons, the ability to travel and learn about innumerable cultures and customs. He became enamored with the extensive and eclectic collections of wines from around the world. His desire to share his love of wine drove him to provide a wide selection of global wines in his hometown business in 1989. His love of wine led to his love of food, particularly delicious Spanish Tapas. In 2011, the El Carajo Bakery Café opened, bringing the same excellent experience and quality offered in the restaurant, with style and convenience for those on the go.

El Carajo houses one of the best and most varied selections of wine in the state of Florida. It has been written about in countless international, national and local publications, rating it one of the best-kept secrets in Miami. Today, the next generation of sons, Richy, Javier and Carlos, have joined the family business. Combining their father´s love of food and wine with their youthful energy and entrepreneurial spirit, El Carajo has begun reaching new levels of success.

El Carajo has earned its place as one of the top dining locations in Miami because of our dedication to continually providing excellence in quality, service, and experience. We believe that things that make life worth living, such as wine, food and the pursuit of happiness, should be available to everyone. So what are you waiting for? Ven pa’l Carajo!

Our Vision

“A world where everyone can enjoy good food, great wine, and have unforgettable experiences every day.”

The El Carajo Way

At El Carajo we believe that to truly change the world you must live with principles. To make our vision a reality we have commited ourselves to the following principles.

  • All Crewmembers are part of our crew; the boat sinks or sails on the strength of its crew.
  • We believe in things that make life worth living; such as wine, food, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • And that these should be available to everyone.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we offer. Adequate is inadequate.
  • The satisfaction of our valued customers is paramount.
  • Enriching culture in our community is our priority.
  • We embrace innovation in everything we do.
  • We try to provide the ideal balance of traditional and modern products and service to our valued customers.
  • The wellbeing and just treatment of our crew members is of vital importance.
  • We are committed to running a successful and profitable business.
  • Everyone in our organization should have the opportunity to feel proud of their work
  • We are committed to being forthright and honest with our statements, advertisements and what we say we believe in.