Beach Wine Pairings

August is when the water is at its warmest and is my favorite time to go the beach. But what excursion to the beach is complete without a nice bottle of wine or two? For me the heat of the beach goes best with crisp white wines like Baileyana Chardonnay or Mount Nelson Sauvignon Blanc; though most people in Miami who are in the know reach for a fresh crisp Provence rose like Petit St. Maur Rose. But, if you think red is always the answer grab a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape and leave it on ice like a white for the best beach red experience.

See my tasting notes below for more details on these delicious wines currently on sale now at El Carajo.


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Tasting Notes






Baileyana Firepeak 2015– This Chardonnay is more Chablis than California with light racy acidity that wraps the pineapple, golden apple, lemon, and vanilla flavors in delightful and crisp volcanic minerality. Baileyana will leave your mouth watering, unlike most California Chardonnays which are syrupy by comparison.

93 points Wine Enthusiast










Mount Nelson  2015 – Classic New Zealand Sauv. Blanc with big aromas of grapefruit and guava that doesn’t overwhelm. On the palate, it adds layers of lemon, flowers, kiwis, and crisp minerality. A fantastic crisp wine for laying down on the sand and soaking in a few rays

Silver at Texsom








Petit St Maur 2015 – A rosé of incredible quality from Cru Classé producer Ch. Saint Maur. This rosé opens with notes of strawberry, rose petals, and lemon on the palate shines by being crisp and refreshing but noticeably richer than its peers











Cuvee St Vierge Chateauneuf du Pape 2015 – Grenache driven CDP with loads of black cherries, black berries, and clay tones. The palate is rich without cloying tannins making a perfect summer sipper. When chilled the fruit is still present but it becomes more smooth and easy drinking making it a perfect hot weather wine. I suggest leaving it in an ice bucket half the time to keep it a bit warmer than your white or rose wines.

92pts Wine Spectator