Miami’s Wine Regions – Part 2

Miami Skyline

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed part 1 of Miami’s Wine Regions. We continue our journey to uncover the diverse personalities that lie within the social sub-climates of this beautiful city.

Seeing as this is part 2, we’ll refer to the following communities and areas as region 2.  Let’s begin!

Region 2: Coral Gables, South Miami, & Coconut Grove

Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is made up of wonderful little spots and great discoveries, but it is difficult to get to know. Like downtown, Pinot Noir is refined with tremendous value, however, they take time to master, like the one-way streets and avenues of our beloved downtown.

Downtown MiamiG2456486-143_1F.artood  Pali Riviera Pinot 2012: A fruit forward and accessible pinot. This wine shows the rich and fun side of Pinot noir.

givryBetter  Louis Baisenbert Givry 1e r Cru 2013: Floral, subtly fruited with great structure. Baisenbert’s wines show the elegance and complex side of pinot.

Ken Wright P noir 2012

Best  Ken Wright Shea Vineyard 2012: This Shea Vineyard shows the best of Oregon with its delicate balance of earth and fruit.


South Miami

A center for culture and sophistication, South Miami is an approachable and mature atmosphere. Napa Cabernet fits this distinction with its versatility and adaptability to the palate of various wine drinkers.

South MiamiSimi Alexander 2012 Cab labelGood  Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet 2012: A rich dark chocolaty cabernet. Simi shows why Sonoma is the value for California cab

ferrari carano reserve cab 2010Better  Ferrari Carano Mountain Reserve Cab 2010: Like drinking a glass of velvet, the Mountain reserve has amazing dark fruit and vanilla notes.

2011-Jordan-Alexander-Valley-Cabernet-Sauvignon_5201-e1423767279950Best Jordan Cabernet 2011: Arguably the most famous Sonoma cab, Jordan’s structure and fruit makes it a wine for the ages that can be enjoyed today.


Coconut Grove

Miami’s oldest city, is centrally located in Dade County with access to pretty much anywhere. Matching perfectly with the Grove’s personality and history are Italian wines, representing some of the most historic and innovative wines of the world.

Coconut GroveVilla_Antinori_Toscana_Red_Blend_Tuscany_2012_BottleGoodVilla Antinori Red: The perfect blend of classic Sangiovese with modern Cabernet. This wine shows red fruit, dark fruit, mushroom notes with great palate weight.

il bruciato 2013BetterIl Bruciato Bolgheri 2013: The Italian answer to meritage is Bolgheri reds. This blend is heavy, dark fruited with great layers to discover as it opens.

brigaldara amaroneBestBrigaldara Amarone: The classic wine of the Veneto region, this Amarone delivers on dark fruit, tremendous richness with a round mouthfeel.

Miami plays a prominent role in the wine industry. It’s no wonder why its neighborhoods carry distinct wine characteristics. Which appellation do you belong to? Do you enjoy the wines classified for your area? Do you perhaps prefer the wine associated with another neighborhood? When you’re done reflecting on your answers, you need somewhere to get your wine, and only one place has the best selection in Miami…El Carajo! Come in today and explore our selection of over 1,000 wines.