Now at El Carajo: Cold Brew!

Just in time for another blazing Miami summer, we have created one of the smoothest drinks possible: cold brew!

However, we have to come clean: we wouldn’t have cold brew today if it weren’t for the Dutch and the Japanese.

Here’s a quick history on how cold brew came to be. Then, as you enjoy a cup this summer, you’ll be thanking them as well for their gift to the world.

The History of Cold Brew 

On one fateful voyage through the China Sea, Dutch traders in the 17th century went off to sell coffee to the Japanese, but realized that they all collectively left their morning coffee on their countertops before leaving the shoreline.

The craving was too strong: they needed to find out how to bring their beloved cafécitos on board, but they could not have open flames on their wooden ships. One cup was not enough, so after enough caffeine-filled experiments, the first cold brew batch was created with ground coffee beans and cool water. The Dutch rejoiced, as their coffee countertop mistake was not in vain, and they forever enjoyed cold brew coffee on their ships.

They sailed the Pacific with much more enthusiasm and energy after that point. As a result, it’s no surprise the Japanese questioned their jitteriness and the occasional eye twitch when they finally arrived for their sale. When the Dutch came clean about their super-secret cold brew, the Japanese were astounded as they took their first sip into the rich void of caffeine. They have discovered something new, but believed that this was only the start of what could become an art form.

The Brew of 17th-Century Japan (unofficial)

After the dispersion of cold brew throughout 17th century Japan, the Japanese grew restless to share the wonders of what they had discovered; in fact, some of them grew sleepless after a cup too many. Many sleepless nights led insomniacs to create the first device for cold brew, sifting the coffee drop by drop over a day.

This invention could not go unmentioned; Japanese traders shared their newfound coffee knowledge with now-arriving Portuguese traders, who shared that message with Spain, who then told everyone in the Old and New World to meet them to “check this coffee out, vale?” only to arrive 20 minutes late to their meeting. They did not have enough time to make up a name, so they decided on Café Fred. The Old World tried to divide the coffee recipe into spheres of influence, but ultimately chilled out after drinking a cup of joe. The New World, however, kept silent and copied the recipe during the commotion, planning to release it in the 21st century in every coffee shop at a time they all agreed upon.

Next time you enjoy the beauty of cold brew, rejoice in the expeditions of Dutch and Japanese trailblazers.

Now at El Carajo, get ready for a bold new start to your day with some of our cold-steeped cold brew coffee, with 6 flavor possibilities, including Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Mocha, and Double Chocolate!